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Size and Fit

Sizing information, sizing chart and wizard

Can I try on Bont Rowing shoes?

Bont Rowing shoes are shipped to nearly 60 countries and can be purchased via our online store. Our sales team are always available to answer additional questions about an order you would like to place or perhaps have made already. Send your order

Will Bont Rowing shoes fit into my XYZ brand boat?

The Bont Rowing Drive QRS (Quick Release System) is designed to fit across all standard four-hole foot stretchers and can be installed using supplied hardware to both boats and shoes.  Drive QRS installation instructions can be found here

Can the Drive QRS+ system be fitted to my current XYZ branded shoes?

The Bont Rowing Drive QRS (Quick Release System) is specifically designed for Bont Rowing shoes – which feature a carbon fiber forefoot cradle for a direct attachment and connection to the boat to fit across all shoes with the standard four-hole

I need help with sizing

First of all check out our size wizard on our website: This shows you the best way to get an accurate measurement of your feet as it allows for the bend at the catch.  For a good fit, you can always use