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Anatomical design, model features and comparison.

What purpose does the angle wedge serve?

The angle wedge is always a great choice unless you have a foot stretcher that already has a bent board lifting the front foot area. It creates a better anchor point at the catch. The angle wedge allows for more compression up at the catch and to

What is the purpose of the Heel Set?

Heel height adjustment allows an earlier connection between the heel and foot stretcher. If your heels are lifting more than 5cm from the footboard whilst at the catch, we recommend installing them. 

What is the benefit of the Drive QRS+ System?

The Bont Rowing Drive QRS has the following advantages. Modular with total flexibility of set up. Can be mounted flat, with a forefoot angle, steering plate adapter. Has adjustable heel height module allowing the user to customize heel height

Bont Rowing shoe compatibility with a Concept 2 Erg?

Whilst our shoes can be used on a Concept 2 erg, it is important to understand the fitment options and implications of each. If you are the only person using the machine, you can choose to bolt your shoes directly onto the footplate of your rowing

What makes Bont Rowing shoes different to other rowing shoes on the market?

Bont Rowing shoes are anatomically correct which means they are designed around the shape of human feet.   The forefoot of the shoe is designed to allow the foot to relax inside the shoes and maximize the area through which power is transferred for

Innersole Instructions

The new Bont Rowing innersoles are designed to replace your currently fitted innersoles. Simply remove your existing innersoles and replace with your new Bont rowing innersoles. If your innersoles came with metatarsal domes, these can be fitted to th